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Purchase Requisition Form Download For Free


A purchase requisition form is a special type of form that allows employees or a specific department to request any particular purchase of specific good or service. It uses a uniform program which provides intensive details of the buying details. These forms include details of a product like the name of the product, model number, delivery date etc.

Purchase Requisition Form

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How To Print Shipping Label Template Word

usps shipping label template

Time-saving tips for printing shipping label template word!

Don’t you hate when things are not working in Word? Nothing is more frustrating when formatting of shipping label is not right. And who likes the wonkier text wrap around the logo?

Shipping Label Template Word

Are you facing same problems? Fortunately, you are at the right place, my friend!

Here, we have shared some tips to keep you away from fuss.

Print A Single Label

Do you like a package with the label of multiple pages? I hope the answer is no. Then, you are using multi-paged shipping label for your product.

Seriously, a single-label guarantees successful delivery of the package to the same person.

Sometimes, businesses use a multi-page label to add follow-up request for service. Trust me, you can do that with the nicely designed single label too.

Print Multiple Copies

Regular business means the sales are recurring. Of course, you are not going to design a new label for each product. Just get it designed once and print out several copies.

That’s the magic of Microsoft Word. It is easier to use. With few clicks, you can print hundreds of copies at once.

Save the Label

Once you have designed the shipping label template word, don’t forget to save it.

It will take a few seconds, that’s it. Do it and save yourself from fuss in future. You can store it into computer’s hard drive or portable drive.

In my opinion, try to save it in multiple places. You can upload it to multiple cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Zoho Docs or Dropbox. So, if something is not working, you can get it from another place.

Avoid Overcrowding

You need to add precise shipping details on the label. There is no need to overdo it.

If you think the product or shipping address will take more space, just get the label in a bigger size.

Still, things are not working it! Then, just remove out unnecessary things. Like text wrap or logo!

The overcrowded label is confusing. The postal officials may wrongly interpret the shipping address as sentences are overlapping.

Using Word’s Template

Designing the template does not mean to reinvent the wheel. Trust me, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on designing the label only. It’s not worth it! Because you can do it yourself in the Word.

Just Click File > New > Labels and choose the desired template from the list. Simply edit the fields and you are done. The Word has already done the sizing and formatting for you.

Add Graphics If Needed

You must avoid using pictures or graphics in label unless they are required. When products are artistic, like DVDs or paintings. Then there is no harm in using graphic shipping label.

Use Company’s Prescribed Formatting

You must use the same formatting in the label as you are using in the company’s documents. This will make you look professional in the eyes of the client.

Free Shipping Label Template Word

For your convenience, we have shared some address label templates here:

Shipping Label Template Word Shipping Label Template Word

Harvey Software News Blog: Next Generation Usps Labels Benefit in Usps Shipping Label Template – Best Business Template

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USPS Shipping Label Template – Free Printables Download!!


USPS Shipping Label Template is must if your company ships products to the customers!

Your merchandise will not reach the destination without the shipping label. In fact, it won’t come back if something is wrong with the delivery.

What Is A Shipping Label?

A shipping label is an instrument that provides details to each actor involved in the supply chain to deliver the package to your customer. We can say that because of this label, the package successfully completes the journey from warehouse to customer’s hand.

USPS Shipping Label Template

So what’s the big deal about using shipping labels? Simply it saves you time and money. Today, running a business demands more than you think. Easy processing increases the productivity. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with complicated mailing processes.

You must use the customized USPS shipping label template to ensure successful delivery of product to the customer. Today, companies use personalized shipping templates. As it always leaves a positive impact on the customer. Secondly, it helps actors in the supply chain to move the package in the right direction.

Why Should You Use USPS Shipping Label Template?

Of course, you don’t want to design a new label for every package. It is better to design template once and use it for all products. Following are the benefits of using customized USPS shipping label template:


Every person becomes intelligent in the avatar of the customer. If your product has poorly printed a shipping label, the client will not like it. Your image will be taken as a poorly managed company.

Try not to use office printers for printing out labels. Customer will think that you are out of money. Even the customization won’t help here.

So, what’s the solution? Not only get the professional designer to design the custom label. But also visit professional printing house to get copies of a label. This way the customer will take you seriously because you are taking the business seriously!

Saves Your Money

Most businesses make a mistake of printing shipping labels themselves. It works perfectly for low volume shipping. But don’t try it when business is rolling big orders. Printing at the office does not mean it is happening for free.

There is always a cost for doing something. Printing will cost your ink, paper, printer, and computer. When sales are skyrocketing, the cost of printing labels will be escalated too.

So, it is better to leave the job to the printing house. They have the right tools to offer quality prints for a low price. Trust me, sometimes a sheet of several labels cost you few pennies only!

Improves Brand’s Image

When business’s sales are consistently improving, it is better to use same shipping label for all shipments. This will make you look good in front of the customer.

Always remember, consistency is key to excellence. This way your customer will spot your package miles away.

The customer will think of your company as a consistent producer of high-quality products.

Bottom-line is, custom USPS shipping label template will always put your best foot forward!

Free USPS Shipping Template

To get inspiration, please check out following templates:

USPS Shipping Label Template

USPS Shipping Label Template

USPS Shipping Label Template USPS Shipping Label Template USPS Shipping Label Template

That’s it. These are some USPS Shipping Label Template that you can print and use for your business. In the meantime, check out our other posts:

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Contract Invoice Template Free Download

Contract Invoice

What Is Contract Invoice Template?

Every time you complete the work for a client, you need to send a contract invoice to get paid.

Contract Invoice

As the name suggests, a contract invoice refers to a document prepared by the contractor to bill a company or individual for supplies provided or services rendered. Conventionally, contractor invoice template is used to list down the accurate quantity of supplies provided by a contractor. In the case of services, the invoice includes details like flat rate fees and hourly rate charges. To avoid disputes, a contractor also adds terms of payment on the invoice. For instance, the invoice may state that recipient of receipt must make the payment within a specific number of days to avoid any kind of litigation. Moreover, it shows the list of agreed mods of payment as well.

Why Do We Need Contract Invoice Template?

Contractors do not work like company’s employees. That’s why they are not part of company’s payroll system even though they have provided the services. We can call the contractors as self-employed or independent workers. In order to get paid, the contractor needs to compose a contractor invoice showing details about work done. From a plumber to the builder, every independent worker prepares the invoice to receive payment.

What To Include In Contractor Invoice Template?

Contractors can provide any type of services like plumbing, construction, writing, painting or technical assistance, etc. It means information to be included in invoice depends upon the type of work done by a contractor. Keeping the expertise in mind, the contractor should add information like his/her name or business name, contact number and address. So, the client can communicate with the contractor in correspondence to the receipt. Contractors also add email addresses in the invoices for online response. You may put in details about client too like the name of individual or company, address, and contact number.

Next, comes the fields or entries which differ from industry to industry. For instance, you are a builder then your invoice must have blank fields for labor, raw material, and supplies, etc. In the case of a freelance writer, the fields will be used to add flat rate fees or hourly writing fees. In special circumstances, the receipt may have additional space for inserting tax charges or special fees.

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Date column is a crucial part of contractor invoice template. As a common practice, the contractors insert the date when the invoice was generated along with a due date of payment.

Invoices are generated in the first place to avoid disputes as this document has a legal value. Contractors also append terms of payment and agreed on payment methods to clear confusion. So, the client can make the payment quickly in the form accepted by the contractor.

Do We Always Need To Send A Contractor Invoice?

The answer is “Yes”. The invoice serves as a legal proof of work done and payment received by the contractor for both client and contractor. When a dispute occurs between both parties, this invoice can be used to resolve the issue.

Free Contract Invoice Template

Here we have a significant collection of invoice templates.

Contract Invoice Template

Contract Invoice Template

invoice template

To make your business transactions safe and secure, don’t forget to use contractor invoice.

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15+ Credit Card Authorization Form Template- Free Download!!


Looking to download Credit Card Authorization Form Template?

The collection of customer payment is a headache when they are using a credit card. It is possible that bank may not clear the payment for good purchased or services rendered. The business is at a loss when payment is not received. In that case, it is recommended to use credit card authorization form.

Here in below, from the image, you can get an idea of a standard credit card authorization form aka credit card authority form.

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Credit Card Authorization Form

The credit card authorization form is a life savior for everyone including customer, bank, and merchant. Basically, it is a legal document duly signed by the card holder to give permission to the retailer to charge the credit card for the purchase of goods or services. If the customer buys goods on regular basis, the business owner can use recurring credit card authorization form. Multiple payment options are available like monthly, quarterly, yearly or as agreed by customer.

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Why Do We To Use A Credit Card Authorization Form Template?

The reason for using an authorization form is plenty. The most common instance is when merchant have no access to the credit card when the purchase was made. Otherwise, the business can ask for the form in following scenarios:

  • An absence of Card Holder – When the customer has made the purchase but card holder is not physically present at the point of sale. For instance, it was an online transaction or done on phone. By using the form, the business can receive the payment for sure. When businesses don’t have a physical point of sale, they must utilize authorization forms to stay out of the trouble.
  • Billing Is Due – The businesses widely use credit card authorization form when customer’s card is not charged and sale becomes pending. This trick is usually used by rental services and hotels where the initial payment may be adjusted as per the actual incurred cost. Sometimes, the ordered product is out of stock and transaction has been made pending against the credit card. Here, the business can use authorization form to keep the sale safe.
  • Recurring Transactions – The customers have to submit card authorization forms when the transaction is made on a recurring basis. For instance, the subscription based services like Netflix where the business can charge the credit per month automatically.

Benefits Of Using Credit Card Authorization Forms

As a business owner you must use payment authorization form for following reasons:


As mentioned before, this form saves everyone from hassle. Getting and processing the customer’s payment information is a tedious task both for business & bank. Instead of filling countless forms, you can use this single document for all future purchases from the same customer. This not improve the efficiency of business but also reduce the headache of documentation.

Gain Customer Trust

The consumer is not foolish enough to share credit card information with anyone. You cannot get it on an ordinary piece of paper. In order to gain the trust of the customer, you need to get a well-designed credit card authorization form which represents your professionals and commitment towards documentation of customer’s information.

Avoids Fraudulent Activity

Security concerns are high when a purchase is made using a credit card. The customer may go for a chargeback. Or card holder may report the bank for an unauthorized transaction to reverse the transaction. The situation can be daunting for the business owner. That’s why the retailers are always asked to get customer signed the authorization form. This way, you can save yourself from fraudulent activity being a business owner.

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What To Include In Credit Card Authorization Form

No matter which type of form you are using, it is mandatory to include business details like name, address, and contact number. The form must have fields for the following information too:

  • Cardholder’s Details – Name, contact details, and billing address.
  • Credit Card Details – Type of card (Visa or Mastercard), credit card number, CVV security code, and expiry date.
  • Authorization Statement – A declaration to be signed by the customer for giving permission to the business for charging the credit card for the purchase made by the customer.
  • Cardholder’s Signature – You must ask the customer to sign the form. Don’t forget to add the date for validation.

Recurring Transactions

For ongoing transactions, the recurring authorization card should be used. In that case, following additional information should be added in the form:

  • Amount of transaction
  • Frequency of transactions and charges
  • Time period for the granted permission

Information asked in a Credit Card Authorization Form

Basic information: There is some basic info related to your personal snippet are asked to fill by the applicant himself/ herself. These are “Name”, “Address” and type of credit card you want to get along with the credit card no (in case if you already have a preapproved credit card).

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Another part of the form asks to fill some authorization list like “auto debit” option from your account in the bank. There is an option of authorizing the bank to charge the billed amount directly from the savings or current/ corporate account.

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Credit Card Authorization Form Template

credit card authorization form

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

credit card authorization form

credit card authorization form

credit card payment form template

credit card form template

Credit Card Authorization Form

credit card authorization form template word

Credit Card Authorization Form PDF or Credit Card Authorization Form Template Word 

If you are looking for Credit Card Authorization Form PDF instead of images, here you go.

Special Note: you need to submit resolution document on the company’s letterhead in case you are authorizing the bank to “auto debit” from the corporate account.

A hack: Don’t let bank to auto-debit your billed amount from your account directly. Because if in case you are going through cash shortage, some cash is your bank can save you. Credit card bill can wait for 30- 45 days after billing cycle is completed. It’s enough to recover from a sudden cash shortage.

A space for specimen signature is also provided there so that bank can validate your signature and get the authorization to do all the tasks you are authorizing it to do.

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Break Even Analysis Excel Templates Free Download!!


Break even analysis excel is a tool to define profit and loss sheet and to determine how much sale volume is needed to achieve the “no profit- no loss” condition. Break even is a saddle point of the profit and loss graph where a business neither makes any loss nor any profit.

With a break even analysis excel, you as a CEO or a business owner can understand wherein the total financial aspect of your organization a profit or loss has been made; simply you will have an idea what the financial health of your company is. This Break-Even Analysis Excel template shows you the fixed costs, the price for materials needed, the volume of the materials, and how these all things affect organization’s net profit.

Break even analysis excel

How the concept of Break Even Analysis Excel template Helps?

Minimum Sales Volume Needed to Avoid Losses

Break even analysis helps a business owner to find out the minimum sales volume required for replenishing all the costs. So it’s really important to determine which product should be sold and in which volume it should be sold to avoid putting money from your own pocket! The expected sale volume provides a concept how many units should be sold not to incur losses.

Plan Your Profit Levels

Break-even analysis is a great tool especially when you are selling different products with different price range and profit margin. After getting the initial response from the customers, you can easily set which product should be sold in large quantity and which product can be sold in less quantity to drive the business from the clutches of the loss. It helps in determining the sale volume and targets both.

Once you have fond out the breakeven point, you can easily determine how many units you need to sell to generate your desired profits.

Set the Optimum Price for each product or services

It’s one of the major decisions before product launch. You must have homework about the price of the products. An accurate pricing can lead your business to success while the reverse one can pull your efforts towards losses.

So determine the product pricing and profitability from each product once you have calculated your average cost to sell a product, then you can easily calculate how much product you need to sell and which products you should emphasize on. The price of the products seldom affects inventory also.

If you tag a product with high price and get a heavy stock, then the clearance of the stock may take time and stock for a product with lesser price tag may not get proper space in your warehouse!

Schedule Your Inventory Requirements

It’s an important decision to stock products for selling. Getting products into inventory ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer because you have the products in your warehouse, not in the hand of the vendors! Getting the customer feedback, you can plan which products you should purchase to maintain optimum stock.

Break Even Analysis Excel Template Online

The online world is filled with numerous break even analysis excel template, but some of those are not that attractive to move with. After some research, we have found some editable breakeven analysis excel sheet which you can opt for your business easily.

These are easy to edit and go with, but even if you face any issue always knock here by commenting below. Let us know how did you like Break even analysis excel.

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Credit Card Payment Authorization Form – Free Templates!!


Credit Card Payment Authorization Form 

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

There is a degree of risk in taking payment by credit card but the card isn’t present. That’s why merchants always ask the customer to sign a document that gives them a permission to charge the credit card. This way, the merchants or sellers avoid the risk which includes chargebacks. We are talking about credit card authorization form.

What Is A Credit Card Payment Authorization Form?

A credit card authorization form refers to a legal document duly signed by the cardholder to give permission to seller or merchant to charge the credit card for the purchase. By using the form, the businesses or merchants get the permission to charge the credit card on a  recurring basis. The payment can be charged monthly, quarterly or more sporadically.

Importance Of Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Chargebacks are a protection against unauthorized transactions for consumers. This happens when the cardholder disputes a charge from the merchant and instruct the bank to reverse the transaction.

Although, chargeback protects the consumer but causes complications for businesses. Businesses cannot use the disputed funds unless bank decides what to do about the money. Moreover, chargebacks take too much time and paperwork to resolve the issue.

Businesses save themselves from chargebacks through credit card authorization forms. As this document grants permission to businesses to charge the credit card for purchases or services rendered. Disputes get resolved easily if cardholder had previously signed the authorization form.

How Does It Work?

Credit card authorization document comes handy for ongoing transactions (on file transactions or card, not present transactions). In the presence of form, the customers cannot impose that card was charged when it should not have been. This way, it saves everyone from the hassle.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you are running a catering service for office on daily basis. The customer has signed the authorization form on file. That means you have permission to charge the credit card of customer every time that office orders the food.

This form proves to be helpful for future transactions too. The merchants can rely on authorization form to charge the card for the advance of future purchases.

The rental services commonly used this form to tackle cases of default. They can hold the cards until the customer has returned the rented equipment or vehicle.

What To Add In A Credit Card Payment Authorization Form?

An authorization form is not a complicated document. A standard form contains following fields:

  • Credit card information
  • Name on card
  • Card number
  • Card type
  • Expiration date
  • Name and signature of the cardholder
  • Billing address of cardholder
  • Date
  • Details about merchant’s business

Free Credit Card Payment Authorization Form Templates

Getting an authorization form is must if you run a business that allows credit card transactions. There is no need to hire somebody for designing the form. You can download any of the following forms and customize them according to your business.

Standard Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Company Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Blank Credit Card Authorization Form

Blank Credit Card Authorization Form

One Time Credit Card Authorization Form

One Time Credit Card Authorization Form

Choose the type that goes with your business, customize with the logo or watermark and use it for next credit card transaction.

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Credit Card Authorization Form PDF Download

Credit Card Authorization Form PDF

Looking for Credit Card Authorization Form PDF?

A credit card is considered as one of the best ways to pay through plastic money. Though it digitizes the way of payment, still it has some issues related to payee and receivers of the payments. Disputes often arise and for resolution of the dispute banks or the card, providers ask for documents.

If you own a business and charge your customer through credit card, always have a sample credit card authorization letter ready with you. It saves time and provides a safeguard against fraudulent and miss report about the transaction happened on your end. A PDF format of the credit card authorization form saves your time and paper because you can get a print whenever you need that.

What is credit card authorization form PDF?

You must know that this is a simple looking paper which can save you from disputed raised from customer’s end. But for that, you need a standard credit card authorization template PDF format so that you can get the print readily available whenever you need your customers’ sign on that after a successful transaction.

If customer raised an issue, what will be the possible way out?

If a customer put an issue about a transaction that happened to your end you need to put furnish proper clarification about that otherwise you need to revert back the amount along with the charges of the banks. If you have a copy of the credit card authorization letter signed by you then you can furnish that to protect the amount from being drained out.

Information that a credit card authorization form includes

Have a look below to get a detailed overview of which things should be included in a credit card authorization form so that the form can be used as a tool against card fraudulent anytime if you need to face an issue.

Type of the card: Always mention the type of the card whether it’s a VISA, Master of something else.

Name on card: name embossed on the card should be written on the form. It lets you know the identity of the card.

Card number & Expiration date: These two things are considered as the secondary card identification parameters. 16 digit credit card identification number and four-digit expiry date are the two things you need to keep documented while preparing the credit card authorization form

Name and signature of the cardholder: After filling up the whole thing, get a signature (preferably in running hand) of the user and cardholder.

Credit Card Authorization Form PDF References 

Here we are providing some references to the credit card authorization forms. These references are provided for purely inspirational purpose though you can edit and use these as your own form because these don’t have any kind of copyright!

#1 A simple authorization form that practically doesn’t need any kind of editorial intervention and you can easily use it on the go simply by taking a print out.

#2 A traditional looking form of credit card authorization. You can make the similar on Adobe Acrobat.

Let us know whether it quested your thirst or not. Positive feedback is expected and grand participation is solicited.

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10+ Free Shipping Label Template | Free Printables!!


Shipping Label Template aka Address label template

With the help of proper logistic support e-commerce sector is on a booming session right now. The e-commerce sites are the face of the business while the logistics are the backbone of the business. The Late arrival of the product purchased may affect customer’s mindset a lot.

The whole logistic support is called as “Shipping” if it’s categorized under any module. Let me tell you “shipping” does not deal with packaging and transport but also getting every order in the proper system so that there should not be any confusion and shipping label plays an important role in this system.

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Without a customized shipping label template your business does not only get the branding properly but also logistics does not get the direction where to send the ordered item.

Shipping Label Template – Why
address label template is so important?

Every shipping label is the identification of the product ordered by a customer because from a sealed package you can’t see what the product is inside.

Shipping label template serves as the payment helper because every shipping label is marked with “PAID” or “COD” or “POD, ” and the delivery man understand easily what to do. It’s a crazy simple idea for all.

shipping label template

Modern shipping label includes some intuitive features like a detailed address of the buyers with proper contact, Space for special remarks if the addresses mentioned is not traced out and the reason why the item is being returned undelivered.

Features of a standard shipping label

The shipping label is a basic paper printed invoice cum label which is placed on the package. With time, this simple looking thing got matured enough to serve as an “all-in-one” label for the booming e-commerce business. Being attached with automation generating the shipping label has also improved a lot and owners now can focus on the business more while the logistics part gets simpler with modern shipping label with some automation tools.

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Perfect size: The shipping label should be perfect on size. One question may pop up in your mind that what the perfect size is. Frankly, it depends on the size of the packaging though we recommend 6*4 or 6*5 inched shipping label. These sizes fit almost all packaging.

Standard glue: One more thing, the quality of glue attached to the label is very crucial because liquid glue may spread a lot and may get glued with something else and stick out which may remove the shipping addresses printed on that. So, we recommend using one side glued paper for printing shipping label.

shipping label template

Anyway, let’s move to the core section, the template of a shipping label. A perfect template includes some important points like margin, font, and the number of lines.

# 1 the fonts should be regular, and we always discourage using funky fonts.

# 2 Use font size between 12-16 and the size depends upon the fonts you select.  Use clear size where the address and contact details of the customer are mentioned.

Shipping Label Templates- Some Samples


shipping label template


shipping label templates


shipping label template


shipping label template


shipping label templates


shipping label templates


Shipping Label Template


Shipping Label Template


Address Label Template

So, here are some awesome shipping label templates that you can use for your business. Stay tuned for more.


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Employee Incident Report Form Free Download Online


Employee Incident Report Form is a very useful to handle manpower in an organization. If there is any policy violation or miss management between a group of employees or between two employees which may mark negativity in the office Employee Incident Report Form is issued to proper show cause by the human resource department.

Employee Incident Report Form

incident report form

incident report forms

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