Credit Card Authorization Form PDF Download

Credit Card Authorization Form PDF

Looking for Credit Card Authorization Form PDF?

A credit card is considered as one of the best ways to pay through plastic money. Though it digitizes the way of payment, still it has some issues related to payee and receivers of the payments. Disputes often arise and for resolution of the dispute banks or the card, providers ask for documents.

If you own a business and charge your customer through credit card, always have a sample credit card authorization letter ready with you. It saves time and provides a safeguard against fraudulent and miss report about the transaction happened on your end. A PDF format of the credit card authorization form saves your time and paper because you can get a print whenever you need that.

What is credit card authorization form PDF?

You must know that this is a simple looking paper which can save you from disputed raised from customer’s end. But for that, you need a standard credit card authorization template PDF format so that you can get the print readily available whenever you need your customers’ sign on that after a successful transaction.

If customer raised an issue, what will be the possible way out?

If a customer put an issue about a transaction that happened to your end you need to put furnish proper clarification about that otherwise you need to revert back the amount along with the charges of the banks. If you have a copy of the credit card authorization letter signed by you then you can furnish that to protect the amount from being drained out.

Information that a credit card authorization form includes

Have a look below to get a detailed overview of which things should be included in a credit card authorization form so that the form can be used as a tool against card fraudulent anytime if you need to face an issue.

Type of the card: Always mention the type of the card whether it’s a VISA, Master of something else.

Name on card: name embossed on the card should be written on the form. It lets you know the identity of the card.

Card number & Expiration date: These two things are considered as the secondary card identification parameters. 16 digit credit card identification number and four-digit expiry date are the two things you need to keep documented while preparing the credit card authorization form

Name and signature of the cardholder: After filling up the whole thing, get a signature (preferably in running hand) of the user and cardholder.

Credit Card Authorization Form PDF References 

Here we are providing some references to the credit card authorization forms. These references are provided for purely inspirational purpose though you can edit and use these as your own form because these don’t have any kind of copyright!

#1 A simple authorization form that practically doesn’t need any kind of editorial intervention and you can easily use it on the go simply by taking a print out.

#2 A traditional looking form of credit card authorization. You can make the similar on Adobe Acrobat.

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