5+ Employee Vacation Request Form


Vacation request form is a special formal letter format to apply for leave or vacation (long leave). The importance of having documentations is that it helps in tracking the leaves applied in a month (or a particular time frame) by a group of persons or persons from a particular group for a project.

Why keep these Vacation Request form

There are several importances of having these formal application letters. Have a look on the points mentioned below-

  • It prevents understaffing and to have a track on the attendance especially on daily or weekly and even on month.
  • It’s a process to keep your human resources to work seamlessly on the go.

Filling out an employee vacation request form is one of the professional ways to let HR team of the organization or company inform that you need a special day off or a vacation leave for mentioned days and for an acceptable and valid reason.

Startups also can use these time off request forms because these are available online at free of cost and does not require any credit to be given. You can use your customized logo and all. There is no binding at all.

Features of a Time off Request Form- Must Have options

  • A place for the employee name: There should be a specific blank space to write the name of the employee. Always remember to leave some extra space because the name can be long in some special cases.
  • A blank area for the date: It’s advisable to leave a place for the date on the right top. Don’t forget to leave specific space for date, month and year.
  • Time span: It’s a necessary feature to be on the vacation template. If anyone is applying leave for more than two days then it’s very effective.   
  • A notes area to indicate special circumstances: There should be “NOTE” area where applicants can write special remarks and clarifications.
  • A signature line for the employee to sign on: It’s important to state that employee knows every term and condition before applying for a leave. So, there should be a line for providing a signature on.
  • A Manager’s area to have the direct supervisor sign and date: After all, a team leader or manager approves the leaves for an employee after considering the degree of importance of the employee and the ongoing projects.
  • Check boxes to indicate whether the request is approved or not approved: It’s another important aspect for that. The employee should know whether his/her leave has been approved or not and on which ground it’s canceled (if not approved).

Vacation Request Forms: Download

Vacation Request Forms Vacation Request Forms

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