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5+ High School Diploma Templates Free Download!!

high school diploma template

Looking to download High School Diploma Templates?

The diploma is recognition of your knowledge and skills. High school diplomas are the solid way entry to the professional life. Skills represent the ideas about your expertise while certificates provide a thumb up on that.

Moreover, it represents the authenticity of your expertise. Sometimes these certificates become very essential and if we are not in a position to get those early then our only resort is to get an online high school certificate that is granted by the school but does not need any signature verification as computer generated high school diploma templates don’t need any signature to be verified, and by spending a few dollars you can easily apply for anything you want.

A special note: But remember one thing, these online high school diploma templates are okay for applying, but for physical verification, you must need the actual certificates otherwise you may land into deep trouble.

How online High School Diploma Templates Certificates help us?

There are numerous advantages of having an online certificate when you have nothing in hand.

diploma template

For students:

  •  If you don’t have your original certificates in hand, you can use these anytime.
  • You can showcase your skills and expertise especially when you are out of the reach of your certificates, so you can access the platforms of opportunities without having high school diploma templates in hand.

For designers:

If you are a geeky designer and you got assigned with a special task to design an excellent high school diploma certificates then online resources are the treasure troves for you. Getting a bunch of standard designs helps to imagine the template you want to make in practical.

  •    It inspires you and let you design the format as a preliminary sketch.
  •    You can get an idea of standardizations of the high school diploma certificates.

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Getting your online Diploma Templates ordered

If you are a former student of a famous high school if you have completed your diploma graduation from that institution then you can easily find out the certificates and transcripts online. Sometimes high schools provide an option to order an online certificate, mark sheet, and transcript.

High School Diploma Templates printableBut in maximum cases, we have noticed that institutions authorize companies that handle these things. You can easily order your qualification details from high school using the online portal given by them.

But before making the purchasing decision final, we need to understand a few things-

The authenticity of the site: At first check all the parameters of the authenticity of the site where you are putting your money into. If you are not sure about it, send a simple mail into institutions’’ contact mail asking the details. If the institutions confirm the authenticity then you can simply make your order! AWESOME!!! Isn’t it?

Time of delivery: You need to check the estimated time of arrival of the items to you. If you are in an urgent situation then check whether there is any option for fast shipping or not! If you get the high school diploma templates certificates after your interview or anything like that, there is no use of that!

Design high school diploma certificates

Designing something isn’t an easy task, especially when you are to design something where fame and tradition are mixed with an equal importance! So designing a certificate template is very crucial, so many things are there to take care of!

diploma templates free

Here are some of those-

Size: Always remember, the size of the certificate is a very important parameter and you can easily figure out the thing that sizes of the high school diploma templates are generally designed on an A4 paper because of the user friendliness and print-friendliness.

Orientation: Orientation talks a lot! That’s why prepare to check the templates or certificates, transcripts and mark sheet. You may have a question here- why we should check the orientation. All the famous universities that have been running over 50 years follow the landscape orientation rather than portrait one.

But if we notice at the new generation universities then there is a difference which is very conspicuous. These use portrait format and usually don’t have any seal or 3D hologram seal. Simple digitally made signatures are placed on these.

diploma certificates

That’s why, for which university you are designing the certificates, be sure!

Fonts: The last but not the least. Always choose intuitive and gorgeous fonts that carry weights and express the gravity of the degree you hold. Place yourself into the same shoes of the students while choosing the fonts for the transcripts and certificates.

That’s it with High School Diploma Templates. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Keep inspiring, after all, it’s all, about sharing and caring!

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Automobile Bill Of Sale Template Word – Free Download


Looking for Automobile Bill Of Sale Template Word?

Automobile bill for sale is basically a document stating a transaction happened between the two parties. For the seller, the bill offers information regarding the date of sales and the details of the buyer. For the buyer, the bill gives necessary information regarding the vehicle that he/she can verify against a Vehicle History Report.

However, it is to be noted that this bill is not a conclusive proof of the ownership; for that one would need the title transfer.

Automobile Bill Of Sale Template Word

Generally, the automobile bill of sale features the type of the vehicle, and certain information including the year of manufacture, model number, company, vehicle identification number, odometer reading, etc. They also include name, address and signature of buyer and seller along with date and purchase price.

The Importance of Automobile bill of sale template word

Irrespective of the countries or state’s legal formalities the automobile bill of sale is an essential document that shows the transaction record which will benefit both the buyer as well as the seller.

Generally, it is the seller who is responsible for giving the bill of sale, but it is recommended that the buyers also get one for additional security. An automobile bill of sale isn’t just a document that serves as a record of the transaction, but the information mentioned in the bill make the registration process easier when you purchase a new vehicle.

Is this Template Necessary?

While some states entail that the seller sign, date, and even notarize the bill when transferring the paper work, some states have no such requirements. Whether the law asks for it or not automobile bill of sale is an important document, particularly when you are a seller.

The bill verifies that you have sold the vehicle and now share no responsibility towards it. No matter whether you are a seller or a buyer you should never forget to get the copy of automobile bill of sale.

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Break Even Analysis Excel Templates Free Download!!


Break even analysis excel is a tool to define profit and loss sheet and to determine how much sale volume is needed to achieve the “no profit- no loss” condition. Break even is a saddle point of the profit and loss graph where a business neither makes any loss nor any profit.

With a break even analysis excel, you as a CEO or a business owner can understand wherein the total financial aspect of your organization a profit or loss has been made; simply you will have an idea what the financial health of your company is. This Break-Even Analysis Excel template shows you the fixed costs, the price for materials needed, the volume of the materials, and how these all things affect organization’s net profit.

Break even analysis excel

How the concept of Break Even Analysis Excel template Helps?

Minimum Sales Volume Needed to Avoid Losses

Break even analysis helps a business owner to find out the minimum sales volume required for replenishing all the costs. So it’s really important to determine which product should be sold and in which volume it should be sold to avoid putting money from your own pocket! The expected sale volume provides a concept how many units should be sold not to incur losses.

Plan Your Profit Levels

Break-even analysis is a great tool especially when you are selling different products with different price range and profit margin. After getting the initial response from the customers, you can easily set which product should be sold in large quantity and which product can be sold in less quantity to drive the business from the clutches of the loss. It helps in determining the sale volume and targets both.

Once you have fond out the breakeven point, you can easily determine how many units you need to sell to generate your desired profits.

Set the Optimum Price for each product or services

It’s one of the major decisions before product launch. You must have homework about the price of the products. An accurate pricing can lead your business to success while the reverse one can pull your efforts towards losses.

So determine the product pricing and profitability from each product once you have calculated your average cost to sell a product, then you can easily calculate how much product you need to sell and which products you should emphasize on. The price of the products seldom affects inventory also.

If you tag a product with high price and get a heavy stock, then the clearance of the stock may take time and stock for a product with lesser price tag may not get proper space in your warehouse!

Schedule Your Inventory Requirements

It’s an important decision to stock products for selling. Getting products into inventory ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer because you have the products in your warehouse, not in the hand of the vendors! Getting the customer feedback, you can plan which products you should purchase to maintain optimum stock.

Break Even Analysis Excel Template Online

The online world is filled with numerous break even analysis excel template, but some of those are not that attractive to move with. After some research, we have found some editable breakeven analysis excel sheet which you can opt for your business easily.

These are easy to edit and go with, but even if you face any issue always knock here by commenting below. Let us know how did you like Break even analysis excel.

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5+ Employee Vacation Request Form


Vacation request form is a special formal letter format to apply for leave or vacation (long leave). The importance of having documentations is that it helps in tracking the leaves applied in a month (or a particular time frame) by a group of persons or persons from a particular group for a project.

Why keep these Vacation Request form

There are several importances of having these formal application letters. Have a look on the points mentioned below-

  • It prevents understaffing and to have a track on the attendance especially on daily or weekly and even on month.
  • It’s a process to keep your human resources to work seamlessly on the go.

Filling out an employee vacation request form is one of the professional ways to let HR team of the organization or company inform that you need a special day off or a vacation leave for mentioned days and for an acceptable and valid reason.

Startups also can use these time off request forms because these are available online at free of cost and does not require any credit to be given. You can use your customized logo and all. There is no binding at all.

Features of a Time off Request Form- Must Have options

  • A place for the employee name: There should be a specific blank space to write the name of the employee. Always remember to leave some extra space because the name can be long in some special cases.
  • A blank area for the date: It’s advisable to leave a place for the date on the right top. Don’t forget to leave specific space for date, month and year.
  • Time span: It’s a necessary feature to be on the vacation template. If anyone is applying leave for more than two days then it’s very effective.   
  • A notes area to indicate special circumstances: There should be “NOTE” area where applicants can write special remarks and clarifications.
  • A signature line for the employee to sign on: It’s important to state that employee knows every term and condition before applying for a leave. So, there should be a line for providing a signature on.
  • A Manager’s area to have the direct supervisor sign and date: After all, a team leader or manager approves the leaves for an employee after considering the degree of importance of the employee and the ongoing projects.
  • Check boxes to indicate whether the request is approved or not approved: It’s another important aspect for that. The employee should know whether his/her leave has been approved or not and on which ground it’s canceled (if not approved).

Vacation Request Forms: Download

Vacation Request Forms Vacation Request Forms

That’s’ all. Hope you have found some important vacation request forms which you have been looking for. If there is no question unanswered in your mind please feel free to ask anything by simply commenting below and if you have anything to share in order to improve this piece, you are welcomed for that also, write to us and we will add that if we find that appropriate and to the point. Stay tuned and stay glued.

5+ Free Shipping Label Templates | Free Printables!!


Shipping Label Template aka Address label template

With the help of proper logistic support e-commerce sector is on a booming session right now. The e-commerce sites are the face of the business while the logistics are the backbone of the business. The Late arrival of the product purchased may affect customer’s mindset a lot.

The whole logistic support is called as “Shipping” if it’s categorized under any module. Let me tell you “shipping” does not deal with packaging and transport but also getting every order in the proper system so that there should not be any confusion and shipping label plays an important role in this system.

Without a customized shipping label template your business does not only get the branding properly but also logistics does not get the direction where to send the ordered item.

Shipping Label Template- Why
address label template is so important?

Every shipping label is the identification of the product ordered by a customer because from a sealed package you can’t see what the product is inside.

Shipping label template serves as the payment helper because every shipping label is marked with “PAID” or “COD” or “POD, ” and the delivery man understand easily what to do. It’s a crazy simple idea for all.

Modern shipping label includes some intuitive features like a detailed address of the buyers with proper contact, Space for special remarks if the addresses mentioned is not traced out and the reason why the item is being returned undelivered.

Features of a standard shipping label

The shipping label is a basic paper printed invoice cum label which is placed on the package. With time, this simple looking thing got matured enough to serve as an “all-in-one” label for the booming e-commerce business. Being attached with automation generating the shipping label has also improved a lot and owners now can focus on the business more while the logistics part gets simpler with modern shipping label with some automation tools.

Perfect size: The shipping label should be perfect on size. One question may pop up in your mind that what the perfect size is. Frankly, it depends on the size of the packaging though we recommend 6*4 or 6*5 inched shipping label. These sizes fit almost all packaging.

Standard glue: One more thing, the quality of glue attached to the label is very crucial because liquid glue may spread a lot and may get glued with something else and stick out which may remove the shipping addresses printed on that. So, we recommend using one side glued paper for printing shipping label.

Anyway, let’s move to the core section, the template of a shipping label. A perfect template includes some important points like margin, font, and the number of lines.

# 1 the fonts should be regular, and we always discourage using funky fonts.

# 2 Use font size between 12-16 and the size depends upon the fonts you select.  Use clear size where the address and contact details of the customer are mentioned.

Shipping Label Templates- Some Samples


 address label template


shipping label templates


shipping label template

So, here are some awesome shipping label templates that you can use for your business. Stay tuned for more.


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