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How To Print Shipping Label Template Word

usps shipping label template

Don’t you hate when things are not working in Word? Nothing is more frustrating when formatting of shipping label is not right. And who likes the wonkier text wrap around the logo?

Are you facing same problems? Fortunately, you are at the right place, my friend!

Here, we have shared some tips to keep you away from fuss.

Print A Single Label

Do you like a package with the label of multiple pages? I hope the answer is no. Then, you are using multi-paged shipping label for your product.

Seriously, a single-label guarantees successful delivery of the package to the same person.

Sometimes, businesses use a multi-page label to add follow-up request for service. Trust me, you can do that with the nicely designed single label too.

Print Multiple Copies

Regular business means the sales are recurring. Of course, you are not going to design a new label for each product. Just get it designed once and print out several copies.

That’s the magic of Microsoft Word. It is easier to use. With few clicks, you can print hundreds of copies at once.

Save the Label

Once you have designed the shipping label template word, don’t forget to save it.

It will take a few seconds, that’s it. Do it and save yourself from fuss in future. You can store it into computer’s hard drive or portable drive.

In my opinion, try to save it in multiple places. You can upload it to multiple cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Zoho Docs or Dropbox. So, if something is not working, you can get it from another place.

Avoid Overcrowding

You need to add precise shipping details on the label. There is no need to overdo it.

If you think the product or shipping address will take more space, just get the label in a bigger size.

Still, things are not working it! Then, just remove out unnecessary things. Like text wrap or logo!

The overcrowded label is confusing. The postal officials may wrongly interpret the shipping address as sentences are overlapping.

Using Word’s Template

Designing the template does not mean to reinvent the wheel. Trust me, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on designing the label only. It’s not worth it! Because you can do it yourself in the Word.

Just Click File > New > Labels and choose the desired template from the list. Simply edit the fields and you are done. The Word has already done the sizing and formatting for you.

Add Graphics If Needed

You must avoid using pictures or graphics in label unless they are required. When products are artistic, like DVDs or paintings. Then there is no harm in using graphic shipping label.

Use Company’s Prescribed Formatting

You must use the same formatting in the label as you are using in the company’s documents. This will make you look professional in the eyes of the client.

Free Shipping Label Template

For your convenience, we have shared some address label templates here:

Shipping Label Word Shipping Word

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USPS Shipping Label Template – Free Printables Download!!


USPS Shipping Label Template is must if your company ships products to the customers!

Your merchandise will not reach the destination without the shipping label. In fact, it won’t come back if something is wrong with the delivery.

What Is A Shipping Label?

A shipping label is an instrument that provides details to each actor involved in the supply chain to deliver the package to your customer. We can say that because of this label, the package successfully completes the journey from warehouse to customer’s hand.

USPS Shipping Label Template

So what’s the big deal about using shipping labels? Simply it saves you time and money. Today, running a business demands more than you think. Easy processing increases the productivity. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with complicated mailing processes.

You must use the customized USPS shipping label template to ensure successful delivery of product to the customer. Today, companies use personalized shipping templates. As it always leaves a positive impact on the customer. Secondly, it helps actors in the supply chain to move the package in the right direction.

Why Should You Use USPS Shipping Label Template?

Of course, you don’t want to design a new label for every package. It is better to design template once and use it for all products. Following are the benefits of using customized USPS shipping label template:


Every person becomes intelligent in the avatar of the customer. If your product has poorly printed a shipping label, the client will not like it. Your image will be taken as a poorly managed company.

Try not to use office printers for printing out labels. Customer will think that you are out of money. Even the customization won’t help here.

So, what’s the solution? Not only get the professional designer to design the custom label. But also visit professional printing house to get copies of a label. This way the customer will take you seriously because you are taking the business seriously!

Saves Your Money

Most businesses make a mistake of printing shipping labels themselves. It works perfectly for low volume shipping. But don’t try it when business is rolling big orders. Printing at the office does not mean it is happening for free.

There is always a cost for doing something. Printing will cost your ink, paper, printer, and computer. When sales are skyrocketing, the cost of printing labels will be escalated too.

So, it is better to leave the job to the printing house. They have the right tools to offer quality prints for a low price. Trust me, sometimes a sheet of several labels cost you few pennies only!

Improves Brand’s Image

When business’s sales are consistently improving, it is better to use same shipping label for all shipments. This will make you look good in front of the customer.

Always remember, consistency is key to excellence. This way your customer will spot your package miles away.

The customer will think of your company as a consistent producer of high-quality products.

Bottom-line is, custom USPS shipping label template will always put your best foot forward!

Free USPS Shipping Template

To get inspiration, please check out following templates:

USPS Shipping Label Template

USPS Shipping Label Template

USPS Shipping Label Template USPS Shipping Label Template USPS Shipping Label Template

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Break Even Analysis Excel Templates Free Download!!


Break even analysis excel is a tool to define profit and loss sheet and to determine how much sale volume is needed to achieve the “no profit- no loss” condition. Break even is a saddle point of the profit and loss graph where a business neither makes any loss nor any profit.

With a break even analysis excel, you as a CEO or a business owner can understand wherein the total financial aspect of your organization a profit or loss has been made; simply you will have an idea what the financial health of your company is. This Break-Even Analysis Excel template shows you the fixed costs, the price for materials needed, the volume of the materials, and how these all things affect organization’s net profit.

Break even analysis excel

How the concept of Break Even Analysis Excel template Helps?

Minimum Sales Volume Needed to Avoid Losses

Break even analysis helps a business owner to find out the minimum sales volume required for replenishing all the costs. So it’s really important to determine which product should be sold and in which volume it should be sold to avoid putting money from your own pocket! The expected sale volume provides a concept how many units should be sold not to incur losses.

Plan Your Profit Levels

Break-even analysis is a great tool especially when you are selling different products with different price range and profit margin. After getting the initial response from the customers, you can easily set which product should be sold in large quantity and which product can be sold in less quantity to drive the business from the clutches of the loss. It helps in determining the sale volume and targets both.

Once you have fond out the breakeven point, you can easily determine how many units you need to sell to generate your desired profits.

Set the Optimum Price for each product or services

It’s one of the major decisions before product launch. You must have homework about the price of the products. An accurate pricing can lead your business to success while the reverse one can pull your efforts towards losses.

So determine the product pricing and profitability from each product once you have calculated your average cost to sell a product, then you can easily calculate how much product you need to sell and which products you should emphasize on. The price of the products seldom affects inventory also.

If you tag a product with high price and get a heavy stock, then the clearance of the stock may take time and stock for a product with lesser price tag may not get proper space in your warehouse!

Schedule Your Inventory Requirements

It’s an important decision to stock products for selling. Getting products into inventory ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer because you have the products in your warehouse, not in the hand of the vendors! Getting the customer feedback, you can plan which products you should purchase to maintain optimum stock.

Break Even Analysis Excel Template Online

The online world is filled with numerous break even analysis excel template, but some of those are not that attractive to move with. After some research, we have found some editable breakeven analysis excel sheet which you can opt for your business easily.

These are easy to edit and go with, but even if you face any issue always knock here by commenting below. Let us know how did you like Break even analysis excel.

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Contract Invoice Template Free Download

Contract Invoice

What Is Contract Invoice Template?

Every time you complete the work for a client, you need to send a contract invoice to get paid.

Contract Invoice

As the name suggests, a contract invoice refers to a document prepared by the contractor to bill a company or individual for supplies provided or services rendered. Conventionally, contractor invoice template is used to list down the accurate quantity of supplies provided by a contractor. In the case of services, the invoice includes details like flat rate fees and hourly rate charges. To avoid disputes, a contractor also adds terms of payment on the invoice. For instance, the invoice may state that recipient of receipt must make the payment within a specific number of days to avoid any kind of litigation. Moreover, it shows the list of agreed mods of payment as well.

Why Do We Need Contract Invoice Template?

Contractors do not work like company’s employees. That’s why they are not part of company’s payroll system even though they have provided the services. We can call the contractors as self-employed or independent workers. In order to get paid, the contractor needs to compose a contractor invoice showing details about work done. From a plumber to the builder, every independent worker prepares the invoice to receive payment.

What To Include In Contractor Invoice Template?

Contractors can provide any type of services like plumbing, construction, writing, painting or technical assistance, etc. It means information to be included in invoice depends upon the type of work done by a contractor. Keeping the expertise in mind, the contractor should add information like his/her name or business name, contact number and address. So, the client can communicate with the contractor in correspondence to the receipt. Contractors also add email addresses in the invoices for online response. You may put in details about client too like the name of individual or company, address, and contact number.

Next, comes the fields or entries which differ from industry to industry. For instance, you are a builder then your invoice must have blank fields for labor, raw material, and supplies, etc. In the case of a freelance writer, the fields will be used to add flat rate fees or hourly writing fees. In special circumstances, the receipt may have additional space for inserting tax charges or special fees.

Also Read: Credit Card Authorization Form

Date column is a crucial part of contractor invoice template. As a common practice, the contractors insert the date when the invoice was generated along with a due date of payment.

Invoices are generated in the first place to avoid disputes as this document has a legal value. Contractors also append terms of payment and agreed on payment methods to clear confusion. So, the client can make the payment quickly in the form accepted by the contractor.

Do We Always Need To Send A Contractor Invoice?

The answer is “Yes”. The invoice serves as a legal proof of work done and payment received by the contractor for both client and contractor. When a dispute occurs between both parties, this invoice can be used to resolve the issue.

Free Contract Invoice Template

Here we have a significant collection of invoice templates.

Contract Invoice Template

Contract Invoice Template

invoice template

To make your business transactions safe and secure, don’t forget to use contractor invoice.

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Employee Incident Report Form Free Download Online


Employee Incident Report Form is a very useful to handle manpower in an organization. If there is any policy violation or miss management between a group of employees or between two employees which may mark negativity in the office Employee Incident Report Form is issued to proper show cause by the human resource department.

Employee Incident Report Form

incident report form

incident report forms

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5+ Employee Vacation Request Form


Vacation request form is a special formal letter format to apply for leave or vacation (long leave). The importance of having documentations is that it helps in tracking the leaves applied in a month (or a particular time frame) by a group of persons or persons from a particular group for a project.

Why keep these Vacation Request form

There are several importances of having these formal application letters. Have a look on the points mentioned below-

  • It prevents understaffing and to have a track on the attendance especially on daily or weekly and even on month.
  • It’s a process to keep your human resources to work seamlessly on the go.

Filling out an employee vacation request form is one of the professional ways to let HR team of the organization or company inform that you need a special day off or a vacation leave for mentioned days and for an acceptable and valid reason.

Startups also can use these time off request forms because these are available online at free of cost and does not require any credit to be given. You can use your customized logo and all. There is no binding at all.

Features of a Time off Request Form- Must Have options

  • A place for the employee name: There should be a specific blank space to write the name of the employee. Always remember to leave some extra space because the name can be long in some special cases.
  • A blank area for the date: It’s advisable to leave a place for the date on the right top. Don’t forget to leave specific space for date, month and year.
  • Time span: It’s a necessary feature to be on the vacation template. If anyone is applying leave for more than two days then it’s very effective.   
  • A notes area to indicate special circumstances: There should be “NOTE” area where applicants can write special remarks and clarifications.
  • A signature line for the employee to sign on: It’s important to state that employee knows every term and condition before applying for a leave. So, there should be a line for providing a signature on.
  • A Manager’s area to have the direct supervisor sign and date: After all, a team leader or manager approves the leaves for an employee after considering the degree of importance of the employee and the ongoing projects.
  • Check boxes to indicate whether the request is approved or not approved: It’s another important aspect for that. The employee should know whether his/her leave has been approved or not and on which ground it’s canceled (if not approved).

Vacation Request Forms: Download

Vacation Request Forms Vacation Request Forms

That’s’ all. Hope you have found some important vacation request forms which you have been looking for. If there is no question unanswered in your mind please feel free to ask anything by simply commenting below and if you have anything to share in order to improve this piece, you are welcomed for that also, write to us and we will add that if we find that appropriate and to the point. Stay tuned and stay glued.

Daily Cash Sheet Free Download

Daily Cash Sheet Free Download

Every company has a section of cash transaction every month. To have a control over the cash transaction we need to check how the money is rotating in the company and which department is claiming the bigger chunk of the cash transaction, that’s why daily cash sheet is needed to analyze company’s financial health.

Daily Cash Sheet Free Download

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Mileage Reimbursement Form For Free Download


A Mileage reimbursement form is a special form that enables any company to track and reimburse the total traveling expenses for any business related activity or tour incurred by its employees.

  • It helps to record all the traveling data like destinations and distances covered.
  • It helps to minimize expenses due to traveling and reimbursement fast. It works for claiming tax benefits as well.

Mileage Reimbursement Form

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Sign Up Sheet For Free Download

Sign Up Sheet

Sign Up Sheet is a simple looking form that is used to check who has entered into an office, hotel, party house etc. Sometimes some Sign-Up Sheets carry an extra column for the date and time. It can easily be customized according to your need and purpose. Here is a standard format of Sign Up Sheet.

Sign Up Sheet

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Boat Bill of Sale Free Download Copy


Transfer of ownership requires some legal things like the legal paper signing. Boat bill of sale is required if someone wants to sell his/ her boat or vessel. It’s nothing but a simple transfer sheet where details of seller and buyer are mentioned with the sale value and the terms and conditions i,e, after sale support and other things.

Boat Bill of Sale

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